TON Storage Providers List

This list of the TON storage providers allows Toncoin holders to find suitable offers for storing and distributing files of any size on a decentralized TON network.

Whether you're looking to store sensitive data with a layer of encryption or to host a website inside TON network, the list of providers is your best guide.

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How it works

Find out about a decentralized storage on TON network



It allows anyone to run a node for data storage and creates many independent nodes that run across the globe.



Data transfer happens through a decentralized, secure, and private TON network.



Private data can be placed in TON Storage by encrypting it beforehand with a private TON wallet’s key.

All Storage Providers

Storage Cost
Max Span
Max File Size
Min File Size
Sort By:
Storage Provider
Storage costMax Span10000 nanoTON86400Max File SizeMin File Size10000000001024Address
Storage Provider
Storage costMax Span1000 nanoTON86400Max File SizeMin File Size20000000001024Address
Storage Provider
Storage costMax Span20000 nanoTON4320Max File SizeMin File Size30737418242048576Address
Storage Provider
Storage costMax Span1999 nanoTON3000Max File SizeMin File Size100000000201Address
Storage Provider
Storage costMax Span100000 nanoTON43200Max File SizeMin File Size30000000001024Address
Storage Provider
Storage costMax Span1000000 nanoTON86400Max File SizeMin File Size10737418241048576Address
Storage Provider
Storage costMax Span1000000000 nanoTON86400Max File SizeMin File Size10000000001024Address
Storage Provider
Storage costMax Span1 nanoTON43200Max File SizeMin File Size536870912002048Address
Storage Provider
Storage costMax Span100000000 nanoTON86400Max File SizeMin File Size10000000001024Address
Storage Provider
Storage costMax Span60 nanoTON86400Max File SizeMin File Size50000000000001Address


Our website provides a feature of filtering and sorting available providers by the following parameters:

  • 'Storage Cost' or 'Rate' - the cost set by the provider for storing your files, specified in nanoTON per megabyte per day.
  • 'Max Span' - how often the provider should provide proofs of Bag storage, specified in seconds.
  • 'Max File Size' and 'Min File Size' - the maximum and the minimum file size that the provider is willing to store, specified in bytes.

To maximize the usability of filters combine then with the sorting option that allows to arrange providers in ascending or descending order.

These cards display info about providers that disabled the setting of accepting new contracts at the moment. We chose to include them in the list anyway for informational purposes.

If you are a provider who wishes to get more attention and gain more contracts, we are beginning to offer premium display on the list. Do not hesitate to contact us via telegram listed at the bottom of the page.

Idea to Become a Provider

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Learn more about TON storage opportunities and requirements to become a provider. Start accepting and storing files to earn a fee and be an active part of the Ton community!

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